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“This is the time to wake up.  This is the moment in history when we need to be wide awake.”
                                         --Greta Thunberg, before the US Congress

I believe that the most true and important thing is how we treat one another and the living planet. 

We find ourselves facing social and political unrest, persistent structural racism, systemic inequalities, and ecological decline.  My experience participating in East Germany’s peaceful revolution of 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall--which few saw coming--taught me that when our society’s looming risks of social-ecological collapse become obvious to all it will be too late.  So we must act now to awaken, and to transform our culture.

Holistic problems such as these require holistic solutions.  As such, I am dedicated towards intersectional, justice-centered solutions which support and nurture personal, community, and ecological integrity.

There is better future out there waiting for us.  It a future with more belonging and fairness, the restoration of our biosphere, and—most critically and essentially—a decolonized and healed relationship between humans and nature.  This is an almost unimaginably different world from the one we currently inhabit, and it will take great imagination, heart, and effort for us to get there.  But we will access those innate qualities within ourselves and each other in the critical decades ahead, or most of us will likely perish.

I am committed to support this transition towards this better future and towards the healing of our culture’s relationship with nature:

  • From my decades of activism, I bring experience in the field of citizen-centered democracy and a talent for community advocacy, network weaving, and facilitative leadership.

  • From my career as a caregiver, I bring the skills of deep listening, presence, and active compassion, as well as an integrative curiosity towards problem-solving and a passion for employing minimal interventions to produce significant betterment.

  • From my emerging career in coastal and climate resilience and adaptation, I draw on skills in envrionmental policy and management, ecological restoration, grant writing, environmental communication, and project management.

My aim is to apply my life skills and experience to contribute meaningfully towards the essential and urgent transition towards this better future.

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