About Me.

I am passionate about supporting healing, justice, and restoration on the ecological, community and personal levels.

I have worked in the fields of the environment, integrative healthcare, citizen-centered democracy, education, and international security.  My employers have included Harvard University, the Watson Institute for International Studies, Saferworld, and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the Rio “Earth Summit”).  


I am currently managing the development of a forest stewardship plan for the University of Rhode Island North Woods, a university-owned forest adjacent to its Kingston campus. 

I am by nature a bridge-builder, and have founded or co-founded a number of coalitions and multi-stakeholder initiatives, including the Rhode Island Non-Opioid Pain Treatment Coalition, the Integrative Medicine @ Brown forum, and the Boston-based Integrative Medicine Alliance.

I am a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and have specialized in Japanese-style shiatsu massage for over 20 years.  I am a registered Zen Shiatsu instructor with the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia, and have over 1000 hours of massage teaching experience on the college level. 

I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Environmental Science and Management program at the University of Rhode Island, where my academic focus is on environmental policy and management, ecological restoration, and land/watershed stewardship.  I am a cum laude graduate of Brown University. 

I live in Providence, Rhode Island with my wife Annie Gjelsvik and my two children.  I enjoy cooking, singing, dancing, cross-country skiing, meditation, and t'ai chi.