Karlo Berger
Whole Health Solutions, LLC
236 Fourth Street
Providence, RI 02906 USA

Phone: 401-477-2845

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Welcome to KarloBerger.com

I am a highly experienced clinical massage therapist specializing in shiatsu and integrative massage.  I maintain a private practice in Providence, Rhode Island.  I teach acupressure, shiatsu, and traditional Chinese medicine to healthcare professionals and the public.  My hands-on workshops empower caregivers of all backgrounds to use these safe and effective healing techniques to help balance and restore the body's life energy.

For the past few years I have been exploring collaborative models of leadership that are more consistent with the values of holistic and integrative healthcare.  This work has led to my co-founding the Rhode Island Holistic and Integrative Healthcare Leadership Network.

Additionally, I am exploring how the experience of touch can support deeper ecological awareness.


Read more about my work in ecoRI News.

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